Best Wedding Apps

Its a stressful life we lead these days, trying to juggle work, social lives and family responsibilities.  Planning a wedding on top of it all is often the last thing we need!

However, there are some absolutely amazing wedding apps out there at the moment; all designed to help you take control of your wedding planning, remove the stress and above all, help you to enjoy organising what will be the most special day of your life.  So without further ado…here they are….

1/Irish Wedding Planner

This a practical checklist that helps with all the boring practical stuff.  It lists all the documents you need to plan a religious or civil wedding in Ireland.  Save yourself hours of Googling and worry, just download this handy little app which also has links to about every possible Irish supplier you will ever need in the run up to the big day. You’ll find it in the app store.

2/My Wedding App

For every bride on a budget this is a real must-have.   When planning a wedding its so easy to lose control of your spending but with this great little invention you can track every spend, estimate cost, track deposits  paid and check balances pending.

3/Floor Seating

With a nice easy design tool you can create your free Floor Plans in minutes. Its pretty simple so everyone can use it…Create your Floor Plans on the real venue map, which is to scale as are the tables and other furniture.

4/Tripit for your honeymoon

Tripit is a handy little app which collects all your travel information in one place, so that you have one handy itinerary and all the flight, hotel and connection information ready to go at all times. Register a free account and then add flight info, hotel bookings or email then to your tripit acccount. It collates the information for you into one easy-to-read format.

5/Keep your guests in the know

Planning a wedding involves a lot of information, not just for the couple, but for the guests as well – accomodation and travel options, directions, maps, RSVP details, wedding gift info, contact details for various members of the wedding party etc, etc. You create an account, and share an invite with guests, who also download the app for free, and they have all the info at their fingertips at all times (no more pesky phonecalls). As well as covering all the logistics: hotel & flight info, maps, RSVP details, you can send emails, send notifications via social media and ask guests to share images of the day…genius!

6/The table plan

If you thought the floor plan was fun then wait til you get started on the table plan. If you’ve ever organised a big event you’ll know how soul destroying it is swapping people around on an excel spreadsheet or a big white board, and if you haven’t ever done a table plan, then save yourself the pain – Top Table Planner is the solution. Simply paste in your list of guests and drag and drop them onto tables. You can do it as many times as you want until you’re happy – it solves those last minute hiccups (you will always have a couple of problem guests in the last few days).

When you’re finished simply print out the table plan diagram  and the list of names with the associated table numbers/names, hand to your venue and ta-dah!…easy or what?!…you’ll find this wondrous invention at

7/Collecting the invitation address

I still remember this as being the job that almost made me lose the will to live to see my own big day.  It takes ages, lots of calls to your mother and his and repeated email requests to friends who think you really should know their addresses already. Postable takes away that pain in one easy step – simply create a free account, add in your guests email addresses, then send them the standard mail which asks them to fill in a simple form. You sit back with a cup of tea and watch the list fill up. Now that is the beauty of great wedding apps, sorting silly jobs and leaving you time to do the fun stuff…