Choosing a bridesmaid dress

Tips for choosing the most beautiful bridesmaid dress

We are very very excited about the imminent arrival of our new range of bridesmaids dresses so we thought we’d keep this months blog all about the bridesmaids!

Selecting your bridesmaids’ dresses is one of the biggest decisions you will make as you plan your wedding. Unfortunately finding a dress style or design that pleases and flatters everyone can be really stressful. While it can be a real challenge try following these helpful tips from Smart Brides before you set out looking for the best bridesmaids dresses…

First have a think about your own dress and the theme you have chosen for your wedding. Is is traditional or contemporary or completely your own? It is vital that your bridesmaids dresses follow the same style that you have chosen. While they don’t need to be replicas of the wedding gown, they should complement and flatter your look.

Now think about the colour. At the moment lilac and soft summer yellows are on trend but they don’t suit every skin tone which could leave one of your bridesmaids feeling unhappy. In cases like these you could consult with your maids first, asking them if there are any colours they really dislike so that you can eliminate them from the running. Another popular style trend is choosing the same style dress in different, complementing shades. This can look fab if it’s done right and is guaranteed to keep all your bridesmaids happy.

Another hot trend is to mix it up — but with a unifying theme. One of the hottest, current bridesmaid dress trends is almost certainly the simplest way to satisfy everyone. Brides are increasingly opting for a common, uniting theme for a variety of dresses rather than actually requiring everyone to wear the same dress. Smart Brides are excited to help you find your dream wedding gown, as well as the perfect fashion forward dresses for your bridesmaids. Our beautiful showroom has been designed to provide you with an wonderful bridal shopping experience and our trained bridal stylists are available 5 days a week to assist you.