Wedding dress shopping tips

Wear just enough makeup to feel pretty—don’t go overboard.

Its a fact that white doesn’t always suit everyone, especially us Irish cailins! Under-eye circles that were barely noticeable before look stark. Pale pink lipstick is drowned out by fluorescent lighting. Because of that we always recommend wearing just a little bit of make up so that you can get a good idea of how you’ll look on the day.  Also, once you’re ready to purchase  your dress, try getting it styled the way you want to have it on your wedding before making your final purchase.  Just remember whatever you do, never to wear fake tan as it is almost impossible to lift from sample gowns…

Tell us the truth!

Our consultants can’t help you if you don’t tell us how you really feel about the gown. “It’s beautiful,” after emerging from the fitting room, does not help when we are trying to get a feel for what you want from your dream wedding gown.  We are not the designers; you won’t hurt our feelings. Ten “no’s” will help you get to your final “yes.” Do “the aisle test” to make sure the gown looks good from every angle.  In our boutique we have a long aisle with a mirror so that you can see yourself from a distance.  Go ahead, sit, shimmy, and even have a dance in the gowns while trying them on—if it’s the right one, you should feel as if you never want to take it off.  We even provide a bouquet to help you engage your imagination…Trying on wedding gowns is physically (and emotionally) draining.

Wedding gowns are so heavy that getting in and out of them is a workout in itself!

Sometimes too many opinions and helpers can make the experience overwhelming and exhausting. Save yourself a lot of confusion by only bringing 3 or less people with you.  Remember that it is only on a rare occasion that everyone will agree with your choice. We have also seen brides choose the dress their friends love, instead of the one they secretly adore.  If in doubt, go with your gut.  Its your dress and you’ll be the one wearing it.

Make mum love you forever by trying on a dress she recommends, even if you hate it.

Your mum may well have been looking forward to this moment ever since you played dress-up as a little girl, so why not oblige her just this one time and try on one of her recommendations. It’s a win-win: Either she’ll see that you were right about lace looking horrendous on you, or you may shock yourself by purchasing one of her picks.

You’ll have to sign on the dotted line for even the smallest details.

Remember the size you order is the size you get.  If you are planning on losing (or gaining!) weight you need to let the consultant know so that they can factor it in.  If you’re planning on customising your gown by adding sleeves, altering the length or changing embellishments, be prepared to answer very specific questions about that as well.

Do it once and do it fabulous.

You’re only going to shop for a wedding dress once in your life (hopefully!), so reserve the right to make the final decision yourself.  Don’t panic about finding the right one straight away; take your time and you’ll hear a silent little voice tell you which one you should choose…

From everyone here at Smart Brides, whenever you begin your search, happy hunting!