14 ways to personalise your wedding

Here it is!

  1. Thank about what you love to do together and build that into your day. If you love to read, stack old hardback books on the tables to create mini-stands for your flowers, if you love chocolate how about sending out Willy Wonka inspired “gold tickets” as your wedding invites?
  2. Choose a signature cocktail and give it a memorable name.
  3. Arrange family wedding photos, going back as far as you can, in vintage frames and display at your ceremony or reception, it will provide a talking point for guests and create a lovely decorative feature.
  4. Tuck handwritten notes into the napkins for your guests – write about your favourite memory together or simply tell them what they mean to you.
  5. What is your favourite book or film? Could it work on the basis of a wedding theme? There have been fantastic weddings themed around the film “Up”, “The Secret Garden” and “Alice in Wonderland”.
  6.  As an alternative to favours (which can become costly as the guest list rises) donate to a charity which is close to your heart. Charities will often send pin badges and cards for each guest explaining that money has been donated in replacement of a favour.
  7.  Only invest in favours if you really love them. Guests will only remember the truly great ideas. To save money, how about having a girly night at home making favours such as home-made jam, flapjacks or chocolate truffles? You will save money and have fun with your favourite ladies at the same time.
  8. Using unusual containers for flowers, such as old fashioned bottles, jugs and glass jars can add a lovely kitsch look and can be picked up for a bargain at charity shops or boot sales.
  9. Choose flowers that are in season to keep the cost down. If you have plenty of time and some garden space available you could even think about growing some English country garden style flowers yourself. Not only would they look lovely, but the garden would then be a fantastic reminder of your wedding day too.
  10. Instead of a DJ, get all our guests to choose a couple of “floor fillers” that they love and collate them into an iPod playlist. That way you can have purely music you love and know everyone will enjoy.
  11. What’s your favourite late-night snack? Serve it at midnight to all your guests. Hello mini-pots of Ben & Jerrys!
  12. Think outside the box for how you print your wedding stationery. Why use paper when you can use fabric, magnets or even a balloon? (the invitation appears as you blow up the balloon).
  13. Use your friends’ talents. Think about any skills your friends might have, from being creative and crafty, having beautiful handwriting, floristry skills, or handy with make-up; you could put these skills to good use and save on otherwise expensive suppliers. This also adds a unique and personal touch to your day.
  14. Don’t just match the ushers/groomsmen ties, but them matching socks too. It makes for fantastic wedding pictures.


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