Smart Brides started out as a dream

by two sisters in their front room and has grown into a magical family. We are supported and encouraged by our owners, husband and wife Vincent and Frances. They give us so much creative freedom and trust us with their beautiful store, while they continue to work behind the scenes. When you arrive at Smart Brides you are welcomed into our community of love. We believe every bride, is a Smart Bride! Our goal is to create special memories with you and your loved ones and guide you to feel beautiful! Let us be part of your journey to your big day!

Our team

“I started in Smart Brides when I was just 19 years old. I have always been a girly-girl, growing up dressing dolls and sketching out my own dress designs, I have always been obsessed with fashion. Getting to spend every day surrounded by the most gorgeous dresses is the absolute dream! I have worked my way up through the company over the past 9 years and I now have the privilege of being the manager of Smart Brides and working with the best team. You'll often see me twirling around the store in our dresses, for the gram of course! I love meeting new people and hearing all about our brides plans for their special day. Helping a bride feel beautiful in the dress of her dreams is honestly one of the best feelings, and it's what makes the job for me. If I could give a bride any advice it would be that every single person has their insecurities and worries but when you arrive at Smart Brides Lynn, Zara and I will be at the door with open arms and a big Smile to take all of that away from you, and let you enjoy this special time.” Jess
“I started in Bridal styling ten years ago, but have returned to my original mothership of Smart Brides in 2023. In my spare time, I write, I visit restaurants and I am very partial to a spooky podcast. I can sometimes be high-energy, because I do have a genuine love and passion for my job, and get excited every single day I come in. (How lucky am I?). Finding your dream wedding dress can come wit a lot of pressure, I should know, I had to get three dresses!!! Three dresses, one wedding. My first gown I got online, and unfortunately it was a horror story. My second gown, didn’t fit me by the time the wedding rolled around. My third and final dress, I had to purchase two days before I actually got married. So, BELIEVE ME, when I say, I have gone through every eventuality during my own experience of saying yes to the dress. I have lived it, I know the feeling and emotions that comes with being worried or stressed about your dress. Sometimes, it may feel not so fairytale. But I bring all my experience to ensure that every single beautiful person who comes into the store has a smooth and enjoyable time. Let me be your fairy-godmother, and get you ready for the ball!" Lynn
“Zara is the newest member to the Smart Brides Family. Zara has always wanted to work in the bridal industry and she can't believe this is now her job! Zara has settled in perfectly in store and is having a ball helping all her gorgeous brides!”

Smart Brides the bridal shop for Wedding Dresses in Portlaoise located close to the Motorway.

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