Understanding your wedding dress colour

A “White” dress is not what you’d expect.

Pretty much every dress you see pictured on our site that looks “white” is in the ivory colour option. The actual name ivory tends to be a little misleading because we naturally think of ivory to have a very warm tone. Ivory just means a soft white. So what’s really “white”? The easiest way to imagine it is to look at a piece of printer paper. Yes, THAT is white. Obviously different fabrics will produce different tones, but in general, the “white” colour options out in the wedding dress world are pretty bright.

The colour tone of Champagnes can range from slightly off white, to a slight rose tone, and a creamier warm tone. The actual colour depends on the layering. Typically, the Champagne colour comes from the bottom Satin layer. This is the base layer from which all other design elements are layered on. For example, some Champagne designs have an ivory lace layer on top, which brings out a creamier palette.

Oyster is in essence the other side of the spectrum from champagne. This colour allows for a very beautiful contrast against lace appliqué. Usually thicker embroidery lace will produce a vintage feel to a dress style, but with oyster it allows for a very modern contrast. The only thing to watch out for when shopping for an oyster colour tone dress is to see it under natural light.

By Kenneth Winston Blog

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