Fall In love with Herve Paris

It’s not a huge big surprise that Herve Paris is winning everybody’s heart by storm – including ours.

Herve Paris is now introducing BOHO | VINTAGE | DESTINATION bridal design for the 2020 bridal season and we are delighted to welcome them to our bridal shop.

To match the unmatchable – that is the secret of glamorous bridal designs combined with bohemian fashion. Brought to life for the modern bride, this totally new bridal collection from French bridal house Herve Paris scores with soft and elegant dresses, creating the feminine look of today’s time.

Whether it is a long dress, a sexy gown with transparent fabrics or a sophisticated lace dress, it will look stunning on every bride, celebrating the boho-way of life. All styles of this stunning bridal collection from French house Herve Paris are a showstopper itself, cool boho-outfits, very loose with lace and beautiful fabrics.

Being inspired by these impressions from all around the world as well as by the spirit of the romantic capital of love, the capital of France, you can always find this specific Parisienne approach combined with a cosmopolitan flavour in each of Mireille’s collection; and so you do with Herve Paris.

To see all of the gorgeous dresses from Herve Paris simply book your appointment emailing info@smartbrides.ie

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