How to store and transport your wedding gown

Simple rules to make sure your wedding dress will look perfect on your big day.

  1. If your dress is in a breathable bag, store away from light, heat and damp;
  2. Once your gown is properly stored away, try to resist the temptation to try it on or remove it from the bag;
  3. Don’t hang a dress on a hanger long term, to avoid stress on the seams and shape. If your wedding is months away, find a place where it can lay flat.
  4. Don’t wrap your wedding dress in coloured tissue paper. The only form of tissue paper used to pack your dress should be white and acid free.
  5. If you are a bride who has had to postpone due to Covid-19, let your boutique or alterations company know your new date. The interruption to the start of peak season is going to have a knock-on effect for the technical fitting side of everyone’s business.

And finally, here’s our breakdown on how to transport your dress, no matter how you’re traveling:

Plane: First thing: if you’re having a wedding abroad or out of town don’t pack a wedding dress in your checked luggage. Before you buy any speciality bags to transport your dress, contact your airline to find out what their policy is on carrying wedding dresses on board. If you have a ball gown dress consider buying your dress a seat.

Train: The best option is to get a train during off-peak travelling hours. This way you will have more space to store your dress. Even then don’t forget to keep the dress in protective
packaging such as a garment holder.

Car: Make sure you don’t lay anything else on top of the dress. If it’s possible to take a trusted travel partner with you to either drive or keep an eye on the dress.

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