Before you say I do

There is nothing more exciting than preparing for both of you saying ‘I DO’ and having a party with your most loved.

The best way to get organised is to make a list and sort the duties into small bite-sized jobs so that everything is in order for the celebrations. Depending on your timeline, most tasks can be organised monthly, from twelve months out, to the month before the wedding.

In Smart Brides, we have experienced beautiful and magical weddings being designed only three weeks before the big day. So time is just a concept.

The main thing is, try not get overwhelmed. This is supposed to be about you and your partner declaring your love to the world. Don’t go too outside your comfort zone and just make it all about you two.

But… prepare yourself, because from now on the only thing people will want to know is ‘how’s the wedding planning coming along’.

To keep things smooth and calm, just ensure all the major items are booked, and hence have fun mapping out any details and logistics

The main checklist is:

  • Your wedding license (this is all you really need, the rest is just all extra touches);
  • Have chosen your date or time of year for ceremony;
  • Planned your budget and theme;
  • Found your dream venue that can hold your number of guests;
  • Organise the Bridal party, if you are having one;
  • Have fun finding your dream gown that suits your personality and style;
  • Found your perfect music, food, cake, flowers and all the other little frills that makes your wedding specifically yours;
  • Decided if you want a photographer/videographer to capture your special day. And perhaps, where you and your new spouse will be spending your honeymoon together as a married couple.


Most importantly all you need is just for you and your partner to be excited and looking forward sharing your magical day together.

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