30th May 2019

Maggie and Cathy

Maggie and Cathy’s wedding at Inchydoney Island came about after 11 lovely years together.
21st May 2019

Size inclusive bridesmaid dresses

Every True Bridesmaids dress is designed for every woman.
30th April 2019

Dorothy and Philip

Enjoy amazing photos of Dorothy and Philip beautiful wedding.
30th April 2019

Wedding dress fabrics

Not all wedding dress fabrics ‘behave’ in the same way.
10th April 2019

Marian and Pádraig

When Marian Lewis walked up the aisle earlier this year she was one happy woman.
10th April 2019

Understanding your wedding dress colour

A “White” dress is not what you’d expect.
14th March 2019

Jody and Robert

Jody and Robert have known each other since they were 15 years old.
14th March 2019

Castle Durrow Shoot

Featuring Rita and Scarlett wedding gowns by Mark Lesley.
27th February 2019

Dearbhla and Nigel

They got married at the stunning Castlemartyr Resort in county Cork.